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We Create Short Explainer Videos, That Are Told in a Simple and Effective Way to Describe What Your Product or Service Does!
We Create Short Explainer Videos, That are Told in a Simple and Effective Way to Describe What Your Product or Service Does!
With 100+ now produced videos, we have been able to strike an amazing deal with our scriptwriters, voiceover artists and animators bring you a full animated video from idea to finish for half the usual price.

2-4 weeks delivery time.

Over 100 satisfied customers in the U.K.
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With 100+ now produced videos, we have been able to strike an amazing deal with our scriptwriters, voiceover artists and animators bring you a full animated video from idea to finish for half the usual price.

2-4 weeks delivery time.

100% satisfaction or your money back.

Over 100 satisfied customers in the U.K.
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Trusted by great companies all over the world
Trusted by great companies all over the world
"What are the advantages of an animated video for my business ?"
"Is an animated video right for my business ?"
Get More Leads and Sales with an Increased Conversion Rate
By quickly grabbing your visitors attention with an animated video, and effectively and concisely explaining your product, your customers are much more likely to buy from you. Instead of your visitor clicking away before understanding what you do, a video can quickly engage your viewer and explain your offer. It has been proven that websites adding an explainer video have shown to increase their website conversions by as much as 64% (Comscore research).
Boost Your Social Media
You can also use the video to promote your business on social media. With ever decreasing attention-spans, videos are the most viewed form of content nowadays on social media. Use it on Facebook or Youtube ads to decrease the cost of clicks and conversions to your website. Post it on your social media pages to get constant free traffic and sales. The ongoing potential for an explainer video on your social media is huge.
A 24/7 Automatic Salesperson
You can think of having an animated video as a salesman or one of your own representatives working on the front of your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imagine how many sales you could make if you could speak person-to-person with every single visitor that comes to to your website. High converting animated videos makes this happen through the use of engaging video, personalised voice-over script and a friendly, engaging voiceover artist.
Communicate More Effectively With Your Customers
The best form of communication is through speech. It is the medium in which the most amount of information can be communicated the fastest and in the clearest way possible. This is why so many companies make such huge amounts of sales over the phone. Our videos allow you to communicate to every single visitor in this powerful medium.

Grab The Attention of Your Viewer
In an era of enormous distractions people have simply no more time and attention to read large amounts of text on your website. An animated video can grab the attention of your viewer and hold it while your product or service is being explained. Imagine the amount of people who land on your website that could massively benefit from your product, but end up clicking away because you didn't grab their attention.
Higher Ranking On Google
Google now ranks not only on keywords and back-links but most importantly the quality of content and how well the page answers the users question. A short video on your website allows the users question to be answered quickly and effectively, and has been proven to increases the chances of your website appearing on the google front page by 53 times (Forrester Research).
"The likelihood that someone will contact or buy is 64% higher if a website has video" (comScore)
"The likelihood that someone will contact or buy is 64% higher if a website has video" (comScore)
  • A study of shows that the same message in video format converted 64% higher (Crazy Egg Case Study)
  • 61% of businesses indicate online video as their number 1 sales converter (Adobe Digital Report)
  • One minute is worth the same as 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)
  • If a website has a video, users are 64% more likely to make a purchase (comscore)
  • Revenue was quadrupled when video was used in email marketing campaigns (Relevancy Group)
  • Chances of appearing on the front page of google increases by 53 times for websites with a video (Forrester Research)
  • During buying decisions online, 9/10 shoppers found video very helpful (comscore)
Check out some of our past productions...
Check out some of our past productions...
2D Animation Style
Whiteboard Style
See what some of our 100+ Happy Customers have to say! 
See what some of our 100+ Happy Customers have to say! 
Tom Spiggle
Charlie and his team created an excellent whiteboard video for my law firm. They were prompt and patient with me when I requested changes. Highly, highly recommend.
"The work with Charlie McGing and his fantastic team was brilliant. We are a German association and we needed an animated video in English. 

Charlie McGing's company was the best choice for us, the quality is excellent, the price was super and the preparation phase was very easy for us. If you need a stunning animated video with very good voiceover artists your choice should be Charlie. I really recommend him and his team and I am sure you will not regret it. I wish Charlie and his team all the best and I am sure if we need another video, we will definitely choose Charlie again."
Katherina Ulrich
Jake Bishop
What a great company High Converting Videos are to work with. We gave them the briefest of briefs and after a couple of amendments that just took a short while to change, we have a really very good corporate 2D animation video. They understood our technical product perfectly, produced something with just the right feel and impact and we will be using them again.”
"From the moment of my enquiry to the end product, High Converting Videos have been friendly, efficient, fast to respond and professional. Most importantly the end result was fantastic, with the video quality far surpassing what i expected. Both animation and voiceover quality was of a highly professional standard. I would gladly recommend HCV to anyone seeking to create a genuinely useful marketing video."
Lewis Underwood
Stephen Diaz
"Working with Charlie was such a great experience. His animation work is top notch and he had a decent turnaround time which was great. He knew exactly what I needed and get the job done perfectly. I'll definitely be back to hire him again soon!"
"We had some videos on our website already and liked Charlie's approach and examples of his work

The pricing seemed very good so we decided to get a video done for our cloud-based software system Zahara [do you see what I did there!!]. 

The whole process from idea to inception was very quick. Changes were handled well and the end result was far better than the investment made so that is always good. We are very happy and will no doubt go ahead with more work in time. "
Martin Pierce
A proven production process that allows us to work together remotely
A proven production process that allows us to work together remotely
You will be involved in the project throughout. There will be regular contact via email, skype or telephone. We work together until you are 100% satisfied with your product.
Step 1: Fill Out A Short Questionnaire
We ask you a series of key questions about your product and company so we can understand it fully. We use this to formulate the script and make your video the best it can possibly be. A Skype or phone call is sometimes had to go through the finishing touches.
Step 2: High-Converting Script Production
Our team of copy writers will make a compelling script for your video (up to 400 words) that explains your product as clearly and effectively as possible. Not only does it advertise your video, it uses proven sales and marketing techniques to increase your conversions.

The script usually follows the advertising formula:
1. Grab the attention of the audience.
2. Identify the problem that your product solves.
3. Present your product as the solution.
4. Identify the features and benefits of your product.
5. Call to action.
Step 3: Recording the Professional Studio Voiceover, Background Music + SFX
We let you choose the voice of the your narrator from our talented team of voice-over artists. Having a friendly narrator allows you to connect with your customer as if you were talking with them on the phone or in person.

We will choose from our extensive library of background music. It is important for the background music to generate positive feelings in the audience. We don't continue on to the next section until you are 100% satisfied with the result of this step.
Step 4: Creating the Animation
Nothing compares to a 2D or Whiteboard Animation when it comes to an explainer video. Animation allows you to capture and hold the attention of your visitors which allows you to transfer your message to your audience in a clear and effective way, without the need for an expensive film crew or studio. Videos of up to 2 minutes are made.
Step 5: Your Video Is Delivered To You Within 2-4 Weeks
When you are completely satisfied with your video, we send it to you in 1080p HD Quality. Then you can use this video on your landing page of your website, on advertisements, social media, facebook, youtube etc. 

We deliver your video in 2-4 weeks. The completion time of the video is highly dependent on the speed of your feedback. Assuming that your feedback is within 24 hours, we can deliver the video to you in 2 weeks !
About Us
About Us
Charlie McGing
Founder and CEO
Wendy Borland
Head Project Manager +
Script Writer
"High Converting Videos does exactly what is says in the name. We create whiteboard or 2D animated videos in order to boost your business through an increase of sales (conversions) on your website, advertisements, social media etc.

We've found that you're audience may overlook large parts of information on your website, due to being constantly distracted with very little time to spare. For us, a High Converting Video must grab your audience's attention and hold it, so they can experience the most important advantages of your product within a short time-frame. 

We want to help you effectively share your message with the world. Order a video now and we will ensure that you're customers never miss the important benefits that your product can provide for them."

We have room for 1 project per week
We have room for 1 project per week
We take our job seriously, and so go in depth with each client. There's only so many hours in a day, and so we only take on 1 project per week.

Our videos are not for everyone. The compromise that needs to be made to offer these low prices is that we only offer 2D or whiteboard animation.

This is not suitable for those who require Disney quality, but those who want to explain their business in a fast and effective way.
We do this (2D or Whiteboard Animation):
We do not do this (3D animation): 
Interested, But Not Ready to Order?
Interested, But Not Ready to Order?
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the video really half the usual price?
This is a limited time offer in order to increase our portfolio. We value your testimonial greatly and so we hope you love the video we send you !
How much can be explained in 30 seconds?
In 30 seconds our goal is to: hook your visitors, present an issue/problem and clearly explain how your product/service provides the solution. We end with a motivating call to action to inspire your customers to buy your product, download your demo or contact your company for further information.
How long should my video be ?
As indicated above, a lot can be communicated in a video of 30 seconds. Large benefits of your product, however, can not be represented in this timeframe. Would you like to showcase one big advantage of your product or service? Choose a video of 30-60 seconds! 

Do you want 2 or 3 benefits of your product explained? Choose a video of 60-90 seconds! Would you like to explain the step-by-step process in addition to the advantages of how your product or service works? Take a video of 90 to 120 seconds. 

If you want a longer video, that's no problem. We can agree on a suitable price.
What if i am not satisfied with the video ?
You have the chance to make 2 rounds of revisions at every step of process (script, voiceover, animation) to make sure you are fully satisfied with your video. If after 2 rounds you’re still not happy with the results (very unusual), you can ask for a third revision round for £44 or let us know and we’ll gladly provide you with a full, hassle-free refund. 
Ok, i'm ready to order, what's the next step?
Click the "Order Now" button above and fill out the short order form (should take about 3 minutes).  

We will contact you within 24hours with the briefing and start date of the project, and answer any questions you may have. 

Our online Project Manager Melanie will help you through the entire video production via email from the script all the way to sending you the final video. 

You have access to us via email, phone and skype at any time.

NOTE: We do not start your video until we talk to and you have given us the green light to begin. An invoice will be sent, and the project begins on payment.
I want to talk to someone before I buy!
No problem! Simply send an email to: or Click Here to book a meeting with us and lets talk about your project.
1. First Name*
2. Last Name*
3. Email*
4. Mobile Number*
5. Tell us briefly about your video
6. Approximately how long would you like your video?*
7. Do you have a deadline ?
8. How did you find us?*
NOTE ! After submitting your order, we will contact you within 24hours. Payment is via invoice when the project starts.  We do not start your video until we talk to you and you have given us the green light to begin.
Fill in the Short Order Form Below to Add Your Order
Briefly tell us about what you need. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your video. Payment is via invoice when the project starts. 
We do not start your video until we talk to you and you have given us the green light to begin.
After ordering, please CLICK HERE to book your free consultation with Charlie to discuss your video!
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